Dawn Kulongowski | Meditation & Mindfulness for Professional Practices

Have you worked your whole life for professional and material success, but find yourself stressed and unhappy?

Do you have trouble leaving interactions with patients, clients and colleagues at the office?

Are thoughts of work distracting you from engaging with your family at home?

Are you looking for a life of more peace and fulfillment, at home and at the office?

Running a practice is stressful and isolating. Life can often feel like a tornado spinning out of control. Meditation practice can teach you to be the calm in that storm. Every part of life is more enjoyable when you live in the moment, leaving the past behind and not worrying about the future.

Meditation and mindfulness practice improves the way you process stress and interact with the world around you. It is possible to leave work at work and live a full and fulfilling life. Peace and contentment are only a breath away. Let Dawn teach you how to integrate these practices into your life and your professional practice.

Train with Dawn

Dawn’s teaching is focused on stress management through meditation, mindfulness and conscious communication skills. These skills create mindful teams and a peaceful work culture. She will teach you and your team to live in the present moment and interact with ease and enjoyment. These skills will permeate your personal life as well, making all aspects of existence more fulfilling.

Dawn trains professionals and their staff and team members as individuals or in group settings. She can travel to your location, or work with you over Skype. Dawn will work with you to assess the needs of your professional practice and tailor a teaching curriculum that will create a mindful team that works together and takes home peace and fulfillment at the end of the work day.

Interested in bringing peace to your professional practice?

Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with Dawn and find out how meditation can bring teamwork, community, commitment and efficiency to your practice.

Would you like to work one on one with Dawn?

Schedule a 60 minute appointment with Dawn during which she will help you identify your meditation goals and frame a practice that works in your life.

Hosting a training event, workshop or any other event that could benefit from a Peaceful Practice lesson?

Schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation and tailor a lesson or meditation for your unique event.

About Your Meditation Teacher

Dawn Kulongowski, DDS is the owner and sole practitioner of a thriving dental practice. Her practice is in Michigan, where she lives with her husband, daughter and 2 dogs.

After hitting a wall of personal and professional burnout, she met her teacher, davidji, and started a regular meditation practice. She was amazed at the level of personal change that came from meditating and employing simple mindfulness techniques throughout the day. Everything in her life changed for the better.

Since then, Dawn has immersed herself in the study of meditation, mindfulness and communication skills. She has completed a 520 hour accredited meditation teacher certification program and continues to study the subject matter in depth and with enthusiasm.

As an Advanced Certified Teacher, she believes that meditation practice has to be comfortable and fit the life of the individual.

Dawn recently appeared on davidji’s radio show Live From the Sweetspot. Click here to listen to the interview!

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Dawn Kulongowski | Meditation & Mindfulness for Professional Practices

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