Episode 3: Burnout Confession: Public Post from “Shit Women With Law Degrees Say”

In this episode, Alan and Dawn discuss a very profound and relatable public post found on a Facebook page that Dawn follows. All professionals in practice can relate to this story, and all women with law degrees should be following this page! Click here to check out their website.
The technique Dawn presents for slowing down your reactions is called Reaching for SODA and she learned it from her teacher davidji.
My emotional tell is: (this is the feeling you get when your stress reaction has fired) Identify yours! When you feel it:
STOP – stop whatever you are doing. Just stop.
OBSERVE – observe yourself – where are you, who are you with, ask what is going on from a witness perspective. You’re a fly on the wall – what do you see?
DETACH – just for a moment, detach from the drama and emotion of the situation. Take a long, slow, deep breath in. At the same time, take a little physical distance. Then a long slow exhale. This creates both an energetic AND a physical distance from the irritant.
AWAKEN – to a better version of yourself – to the part you feel proud of when you respond well to a problem. Stay in this space and breathe for a few seconds. Observe your higher traits as strength, compassion and confidence and introduce them into the moment. Ask yourself “What would the best version of myself do or say right now?”

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