CE WEBINAR: The Peaceful Practice Program, Part One


Stress is part of life. As busy professionals managing many things simultaneously, stress can overwhelm us.

In part one of this course, we will examine stress and how it affects us. More importantly, we will learn techniques to minimize the hold stress takes on our lives.

Our foundation will be meditation and mindfulness practice. When integrated into our lives, these practices make us more effective, engaged and focused leaders — both at the office and at home.

Part One: Stress Management and Mindfulness, 90 minutes

· Understand stress and its effects on our body, mind and life
· Understand the benefits of meditation and mindfulness
· Learn how to meditate and establish a meditation practice
· Learn strategies to better manage your response to stress in the moment

Taught by Dawn A. Grimes, DDS
The Peaceful Practice LLC (AGD#405390)
2 CEUs
Subject Code: 770,550

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