Episode 49: How to Ruin Anything

Dawn and Alan tackle a list of 11 common thought/cognitive distortions compiled by Cornell University’s Allan Filipowicz.

These are painfully common and if we can learn to spot them as they arise, we can get off the train of negative thinking and overreactions and correct our thinking to correspond with reality.

Here is the list:
1. All or nothing thinking: One mistake means total failure
2. Overgeneralization: Drawing broad conclusions from one event
3. Magnification: Exaggerating difficulties and shortcomings
4. Labeling: Attaching personality tags to behaviors
5. Mental Filters: Ignoring positive or dissenting information
6. Discounting the positive: If positive information gets in, it doesn’t count
7. Jumping to conclusions: Going straight to the most negative interpretation of events
8. Mind reading: Guessing what people are thinking, without asking
9. Crystal ball gazing: Predicting negative events in the future
10. “Should” statements: Turning preferences into moral imperatives
11. Personalization: Feeling responsible for events out of your control, or confusing influence with control.

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