Dr Alan Mead is a solo practitioner and practice owner in Saginaw Michigan since 1997. You may know him from his other popular podcasts, ‘The Dental Hacks’ and ‘The Alan Mead Experience.’ As an addict in recovery for over 15 years and an active advocate for professionals struggling with addiction, Alan brings a unique and honest perspective on stress management to this podcast.

Dr. Dawn A. Grimes is a solo practicing dentist and practice owner in Holly Michigan since 2002. She is also an advanced certified meditation teacher, a study she undertook after years of suffering with personal and professional burnout. Her teaching endeavor, The Peaceful Practice, brings the wisdom of meditation and mindfulness teachings to professionals and their practices.

Alan and Dawn have been friends for over a decade. Both separately and together, they have found ways of coping with the stresses of life in professional practice; sometimes those mechanisms have been healthy, sometimes they have not. The Peaceful Practice Podcast, honestly and with a heavy dose of humor, discusses both the stress and the strategies for dealing with the stress of juggling life, family, and practice management.